Written by Carly Figman Feinberg

Do you recall wondering what you wanted to be “when you grew up?” For most of us, it was a lot of “What if’s?” and “Maybe’s?”

The Bioscience Summer Camp transforms hypotheticals to reality offering students a unique opportunity to explore a myriad of potential professions. From experiences that help them see themselves as doctors, stepping into the shoes of architects behind impressive hotels and office buildings, or even imagining themselves as groundbreaking scientists tackling global health challenges, the camp catered to the exploration of different passions and interests.

Hosted in the vibrant heart of downtown Phoenix at the 850 PBC space and organized by the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI), this camp provided an unforgettable experience for high school students. Now in its second year, the camp owes its existence to the generous support of Wexford Science + Technology and the Flinn Foundation, in addition to partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the University of Arizona Health Sciences in downtown Phoenix, Northern Arizona University-Phoenix Bioscience Core, Okland Construction, and Arizona State University Venture Devils.

The CEI LabForce team, responsible for organizing this summer program, inspired and empowered students to pursue knowledge and immerse themselves in diverse career options. Through engaging lessons facilitated by experts in their respective fields, participants gained invaluable insights into the exciting world of science, math, healthcare, engineering, and even art (STEAM). The camp included immersive facility tours allowing students to witness firsthand the cutting-edge laboratories and research facilities in downtown Phoenix. Hands-on activities stimulated creativity and critical thinking, helping the campers grasp the intricacies of these careers and chart their path forward. By providing an engaging and comprehensive platform for career discovery, the Bioscience Summer Camp guides and supports students in looking deeply at career possibilities.

As students experienced each different career, they become equipped with knowledge that will shape their future choices.

Luis Hernandez, a second-year camper and soon to be intern for CEI through the Bioscience High School internship program commented about the program, “It was amazing all the things we were able to see in such a short period of time and I enjoyed how interactive it was.”

Carly Figman Feinberg, Community Engagement and Entrepreneurial Development for the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) and CEI LabForce, who ran the program had this to say:

“This is an incredible way for us to showcase all of the fulfilling careers in STEAM right here in Downtown Phoenix. The students are able to leave with hands-on experience, and after meeting with STEAM experts, we hope they learn that there are abundant opportunities at their fingertips. Many have expressed wanting to now enter careers in this arena and I can’t wait to see what they all accomplish.”

Kyle Jardine, Vice President and Market Executive for Wexford Science + Technology, said “Wexford is proud to be a key partner and sponsor of this camp, and believe that the investment in the next generation of the STEAM workforce will pay dividends for the future of Downtown Phoenix and the Region.”

Thank you again to all the contributors who made this camp a success!
Wexford Science + Technology

University of Arizona Health Sciences in downtown Phoenix
Northern Arizona University-Phoenix Bioscience Core
Okland Construction
Flinn Foundation
Arizona State University Venture Devils.

Stay tuned . . . we’ll be sharing the experiences each camp day brought.