We are thrilled to announce that CEI LabForce was awarded Federal funding from the Department of Education. We cannot thank the dedicated efforts of Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly, and Representative Greg Stanton for their unwavering commitment and support. The award will bring the development of a Bioscience Technician Training Program. This innovative initiative will address the critical demand for lab technicians in Arizona and will provide comprehensive support to incumbent learners seeking to enhance their laboratory skills as well as individuals entering the bioscience industry. Our primary focus will be equipping participants with fundamental laboratory technology competencies, ensuring their readiness for successful careers.

The future Bioscience Technician Training Program will leverage innovative learning technologies to disseminate knowledge and optimize the learning experience. Participants can access various resources, including online course modules, hands-on laboratory sessions, streaming workshops, and informative podcasts. By offering diverse learning mediums, we will cater to various learning preferences, providing participants with the necessary tools to succeed.

A key objective of the program will be to develop new courses in collaboration with subject matter experts and industry stakeholders. Through active involvement from experts across bioscience-related domains, we will establish an esteemed industry advisory panel. This panel will contribute to developing the program’s curriculum, ensuring its alignment with contemporary bioscience practices and industry trends.

Our extensive outreach plan will target incumbent workers within bioscience companies and newcomers to the industry. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for learners from underrepresented populations and diverse backgrounds to excel in the bioscience sector. By building a vibrant and inclusive bioscience community, we will unlock the full potential of talent from all walks of life.

The future Bioscience Technician Training Program will focus on critical areas crucial for comprehensive skill development in the bioscience industry. These areas will include genetic technologies, data management and analysis, regulatory compliance, and essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. By addressing these areas, participants will acquire a well-rounded skill set that will be highly sought after by bioscience employers.

Again, our primary goal will be to address Arizona’s critical demand for skilled bioscience laboratory technicians. Through nurturing a continuous talent pipeline, promoting economic growth, fostering collaboration and innovation, and meeting the industry’s demand for proficient practitioners, the program will have a lasting positive impact on the bioscience industry for years to come.

As we begin this exciting journey, we call upon bioscience companies to actively participate in the crucial training needs assessment process. To complete the industry training needs assessment, CEI LabForce will follow a 3-step process:

Step 1. Research and Analysis

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the bioscience industry to gain insights into its current trends, technologies, and demands, including the recently released 2023 Life Sciences Workforce Trends Report from the Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes and by participating in InnovateBio’s workforce summit in Washington DC.
  • Identify the specific roles & responsibilities, and responsibilities of laboratory technicians in the bioscience industry and gather information on the skills, competencies, and knowledge required to perform their duties.
  • Consult with industry experts, professionals, educators, and stakeholders to gather their perspectives on the required skills and competencies.

Step 2. Surveys, Focus Groups, and Interviews

  • Create an industry advisory group composed of SMEs, industry representatives from both the technical and HR sides of their organizations, college faculty, and professional association representatives to provide overall guidance for the training program.
  • Develop and distribute surveys targeted at bioscience companies, laboratories, and professionals addressing current and future training and workforce needs.
  • Conduct interviews and focus groups with key industry personnel to delve deeper into the survey responses to better understand needs, expectations, and challenges.
  • Collect and analyze the data from surveys to identify common themes and trends regarding the need for course and curriculum development to meet the industry needs.

Step 3. Validation and Recommendations

  • Validate the findings from the research, surveys, and interview through a validation process that engages the industry advisory group and key stakeholders. Present the recommendations for training courses and workforce development approaches to diverse professionals.
  • Seed feedback from the stakeholders to ensure the accuracy and relevance of identified training needs.
  • Based on the collected data and input, develop a comprehensive curriculum design that should be incorporated into the CEI LabForce training program for bioscience laboratory technicians.

Please contact Tom Schumann at schumann@ceigateway.com to participate in the training needs assessment process. Your input will be instrumental in shaping the program’s curriculum and meeting the evolving needs of the bioscience sector. Together, we can develop a program that effectively addresses industry demands and fosters a skilled bioscience workforce.