Campers had an exciting and educational day at NAU’s Downtown Phoenix location, immersing themselves in various hands-on activities related to the medical field. 

They rotated through stations led by physician assistants, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers, providing them with a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in healthcare. From assessing head injuries to learning about heartbeats and lung capacity, the campers were exposed to various medical professionals. 

Exploring the Stations: The stations were designed to glimpse the daily practices of physician assistants, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.
1. Assessing Head Injuries: One station focused on assessing head injuries, where campers learned the importance of testing pupil reactions through light and movement. By doing so, they gained insight into how medical professionals evaluate potential head injuries and determine appropriate steps for treatment and recovery. 

2. Occupational Therapy Devices: Campers also had the opportunity to explore the world of occupational therapy (OT). At this station, accessibility devices used by OTs were introduced, demonstrating their role in aiding patients’ physical and cognitive abilities. Campers learned how these devices can improve the quality of life for individuals facing various challenges. 

3. Listening to Heartbeats and Lung Capacity: A physician assistant guided campers in learning how to listen for a regular heartbeat, detect heart murmurs, and assess lung capacity. By acquiring these skills, the campers were introduced to the diagnostic techniques used by medical professionals to monitor cardiovascular health and respiratory functions. 

Engaging in hands-on activities within a medical environment not only sparked campers’ interest but also provided them with valuable insights into various healthcare careers. 

But it didn’t end there. The students jumped on a Copper Star Bus to head to the new Global Ambassador Hotel for a in depth tour and information session from Okland Construction. 

The World of Construction: Okland took the students on an educational tour of a massive 200,000 square foot property, highlighting the multitude of roles required to successfully complete a project of such grand proportions. 

During the tour students’ donned hardhats and safety vests, not only as a safety measure, but an additional opportunity for selfies and group pictures. 

Throughout the tour and visit with Okland, the students were exposed to the diverse range of expertise involved in undertaking a project of this magnitude. From architects and engineers who meticulously design the structure, to construction workers who bring those designs to life, every role played a crucial part in the overall process. 

Overall, Oakland’s initiative to expose students to the inner workings of large-scale projects like this proved to be an eye-opening experience. By showcasing the varied roles required for success and giving students the chance to explore the construction site, the tour fostered a sense of excitement and potentially encouraging them to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and related fields.