First Stop: The students had the unique opportunity to delve into the world of neon art with Snood City, a creative collective of artists. Led by artist Mike Butzine, the participants embarked on a journey that explored the creative process behind sculpting neon signs. The students gathered at the studio to witness a live neon demonstration. Butzine, who possesses a deep passion for neon art, expressed his fascination with the medium, “Neon is quite the spectacle to sculpt! As a visual artist, we’re essentially playing with light. So, why not go straight to the source and bend the light itself?”**

The students learned the intricate steps required to create a neon sign including that molding glass uses heat, and how using a tube with air shapes the glass pieces into desired forms. Furthermore, they delved into the chemistry involved in infusing vibrant colors and creating luminosity within the glass. This hands-on experience allowed the students to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship behind neon art while fostering their own creativity.

After a lunch break (CEI LabForce always serves great food!), the students were whisked away to the new CEI LabForce space at Connect Labs by Wexford, where they explored the science behind motorsports. 

This segment provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the engineering and design aspects involved in building and racing cars. The students were tasked with designing, building, and ultimately racing their own cars.  The winning team was selected based on their creativity and ability to employ innovative concepts. Notably, the winning team utilized a balloon to propel their car forward, earning them the victory.