Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) located on the Gateway Community College Campus is delighted to announce that Dr. Steven Gonzalez, Chancellor of the Maricopa Community College District, attended a groundbreaking Bioscience Roundtable event alongside U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema. The event, which took place in Phoenix and was focused on bioscience and the newly designated Phoenix Medical Quarter, brought together key leaders in the field to discuss the importance of bioscience in Arizona.

The Bioscience Roundtable featured a prestigious panel of participants, including Father Daniel Hendrickson, Dr. Michael Lawton, Gabrielle Finley Hazle, Tim Bricker, Claudia Whitehead, Sharon Harper, Dr. Brad Racette, Dr. Kote Chundu, Chancellor Steven Gonzales, and Chris Camacho. Together, they explored bioscience’s significant growth and potential in the region, particularly within the newly designated Phoenix Medical Quarter.

The designation of the Phoenix Medical Quarter, announced earlier this spring by Mayor Gallego, represents a milestone in the city’s bioscience development. This hub is poised to become a nexus for innovation, research, and healthcare excellence. The diverse range of participants in the roundtable discussion represented various facets of this burgeoning ecosystem.

The event provided a unique opportunity to highlight bioscience’s tremendous progress and promising future in the Phoenix area. As a dedicated supporter of economic development and innovation, CEI sees bioscience as a vital driver of growth and opportunity in the region. The discussion with Senator Sinema served as a platform to advocate for continued federal support for these transformative efforts.

“We are witnessing remarkable growth and innovation within the bioscience sector in Arizona,” stated Dr. Gonzales, “The District, through our CEI /LabForce program, is honored to play our part in supporting the growth of this vital industry.   We believe that with the federal support we have secured through Senator Sinema’s efforts, we can further elevate bioscience as a catalyst for our community’s progress, health, and economic prosperity.”

CEI / LabForce remains committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and opportunities within the bioscience industry and will continue working diligently to propel the region’s bioscience sector to new heights.