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Arizona has established itself as a leading state in the biotechnology industry, with a growing number of companies choosing to call the state home. This is due to the state’s strong innovation research institutions and supportive business environment. The influx of biotechnology companies is driving the development of new drugs and medical treatments, biofuel production, and sustainable and eco-friendly products. This trend is expected to continue for at least the next decade.

To address the challenges facing growing bioscience companies, the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) conducted in-depth research and discovered that there was a need to continuously advance the skills of current employees, build a pipeline of talent ready to take on new STEM careers, and ensure that compliance and regulatory adherence remain a top priority. With these key workforce challenges in mind, CEI and the Maricopa County Community College District developed CEI LabForce, a state-of-the-art training and certification center and online platform that focuses on the increasing workforce demands of the biotech and life science industries.

In January 2021, CEI opened its second facility in downtown Phoenix, offering a range of in-person, online, and hybrid learning experiences for lab technicians, scientists, quality managers, and entrepreneurial teams. By focusing on the specific needs of the bioscience sector, CEI and MCCCD are increasing their capacity to support growth in Arizona’s economy and prepare the community for promising careers in science and technology.

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CEI LabForce offers a range of online, and hybrid learning courses for every type of organization. Marketing, leadership, management, lab and manufacturing technicians, quality systems managers, process managers and so much more. Click on the button below to fill out our “Employer Assessment”.