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LabForce We’re thrilled to provide training solutions from our ready for you catalog that are not limited in their scope!

Retain employees

by enhancing their soft and hard skills through customized learning pathways.

Up-skill and re-skill

Your employees faster with pathways, certifications and customized course list for your organization.

Custom Learning Management System

The CEI LabForce LMS platform was custom built for LabForce and the types of course’s we teach.


Courses for every level and role in your organization.

CEI LabForce offers a wide range of online courses to keep your team’s skills up-to-date and current. Discover how our broad curriculum catalog and custom Learning Management System can support your organization’s training needs.  

CEI LabForce Features

Custom Built LMS

Our Learning Management System is an enterprise-level platform that is scalable with your entire organization.

Encourage Learning

Incentivize your entire company for continuous learning while monitoring team member progress, analyze learning data, and see actionable insights.

Course Fit

All courses are pre-built and customizable to fit your organization’s learning initiatives.

Retention Of Workforce

Support your team members and encourage them to grow their expertise within your organization.

CEI LabForce Course Catalog focuses on all team members in your company

Course Catalog

Select from a vast selection of courses that are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, and what’s more, our optimized courses will be readily accepted by every member of your staff.


Subject matter experts lead each of our LabForce courses to help your teams stay current and achieve certifications they can celebrate on their LinkedIn profiles.

Workflow Integrations

We will ensure our Learning Management System and courses will integrate into your existing workflows and technology, ensuring your team’s learning is not disrupted.

Learning Pathways

The CEI LabForce team can curate learning pathways composed of many different courses to ensure learning engagement by all your team members.


Gain real-time insight into learning pathway activities and progress. These insights will let you know when to encourage, identify learning trends, and track overall team progress.

User Management

Designated Admins can effortlessly create users and user groups, remove users, order new courses, and assemble learning pathways. Monitor overall progress and usability and progress down to the user level.

Top Bio-Science Courses

Introduction to GxP

Introduction to GCP

Designing & Conducting a Clinical Trial

Clinical Responsibilities for Regulatory Submission & Compliance

GCP Regulations, Guidance, and Informed Consent

Clinical Trial Roles and Responsibilities

CRO Oversight Best Practices

Monitoring and Quality Risk Management

Clinical Trials-Adverse Events

Grow and Retain Your People

CEI LabForce is dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of courses to ensure that your team members have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles. Our extensive curriculum catalog, state-of-the-art facility, and customizable Learning Management System are designed to meet the unique training needs of your organization. With CEI LabForce, you can trust that your team will have access to the resources and support they need to stay current and continually improve their capabilities.

Unlock the potential within your organization.

As a business owner or manager, it is crucial to prioritize the ongoing development and growth of your current team members and attract and retain top talent. At CEI LabForce, we offer a wide range of courses to meet the diverse learning needs of your organization. By creating a customized course list tailored to your company’s needs, we can help you ensure that your team has the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Fill out the form provided, and a team member will contact you to discuss your organization’s specific learning goals. Investing in the professional development of your team members is an investment in the long-term success of your business. Thank you for considering CEI LabForce as your employee learning and development partner. Thank you!